Personal technique swimming camp in Alicante (Spain) with Rafa Aledo TI Coach Level III.

Do you want to improve your stamina, speed and enjoy while swimming injuiry free?

This personal swimming camp is the fast way to achieve those goals and many others that you do not even suspect, and always swimming in the best places.

Rafa Aledo is the director of Natura Sports Centre in Elche (Alicante) Spain and a Total Immersion Level 3 swimming coach ( with 25 year´s coaching experience

In this camp you will have a one to one swimming session every day, two hours in the water improving stroke after stroke, and after the pool you will have the best video analysis so you can find new opportunities for improvement.

natura open water campus video analisis correccion

The next sessión will be and open water swim or group class of one hour and a half, where you will have the chance to practice of your new abilities

Besides this two swimming sessions with one video analisys, you will be able to have one hour of work out if you need it

And if you are a triathlete and would like to go cycling, we have advanced technology bicycles at your disposal.

What’s included:

One to one swimming session with the best video analysis

And open water swim or group class

Gym session or ciclying

The price is 120€ per person per day and a 10% discount is offered should you bring a companion, 15% discount for two companions and 20% discount for three companions. However, because this is
a personal training session, we do not accept more than four swimmers

If you prefer to come with a bigger group you can also attend of one or our camps in April, May or October 2020

Reservations can be made for between 1 and 6 days (maximum) with at least one month’s advance
notice and should be addressed to:

If you choose to stay in our B&B in the same place as our facilities there will be an extra charge of
40€ per person per day in a single room and 30€ per person per day if you share a room with your
partner. This price includes transfers to and from Alicante Airport

We can also make arrangements for open water swimming sessions, sailing, diving, snorkelling,
kayaking, and any other plans that you may have

Enjoy our great meals all year round

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